Our dream team:
a rich diversity.
¡Más feliz! Así de fácil

We do what we do to strategically reinvent
a better world: more connected, with more stories to tell,
with more culture, full of surprises, more sustainable, more responsible.

HAPPIER! It’s that simple.

Our manifesto

Hungry for:

Marketers, architects, interior designers, anthropologists, communicators, researchers, sociologists, poets, financial advisors, mixologists, chefs, designers, musicians, entrepreneurs.

We are a collective with more specialties than ingredients in a mole recipe. We combine disciplines to meticulously think in every detail that make up the experience of F&B.

Today we are:


Passionate Molers



Head Honchos



Head Honcho

Master of the sales pitch. Has the mindfulness of a monk. Marketer with an Architect’s soul. Public Relations guru.


Partner in crime

Creative strategist. Counts steps. He dreams about surfing Aussie waves. Iso9000-level quality control.

Business Development

Anterior Siguiente


Head of Business Development

Star saleswoman. Improv queen. Extremely organized. Dislikes tacos. Obsessed with musicals.


Business Development Top Dog

Star salesman; every time he winks a deal is closed. Wedding Singer and Caribbean-style bartender. No client escapes him.


Business Development Top Dog

Knows her way around consumers. Diving aficionado. Trend analyst.


Business Development Rockstar

Salesman with innate sureness. Expert in breaking the ice. Disciplined athlete. Food with wine is a must.

Strategy & Consulting

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Consulting Mastermind

Coolhunter extraordinaire. Superb storyteller. Loves tortillas. Obsessed with TedTalks.

Articles by Mel


Eat & Drink Studio Mastermind

Cooks up mouthwatering ideas. PhD in street taco eating. Storyteller. Loves his Tom Brady pj’s. Naming expert.

Articles by Iván


Market Intelligence Top Dog

Has a built-in trend radar. Obsessed with crime TV series. Natural leader. Wannabe model.

Articles by Juan


Market Intelligence Rockstar

Marketer who loves french fries and kawaii culture. Social media detective. Claims that she could stop the rain as a kid.


Business Intelligence Rockstar

Works magic with menus and business models. Sober by choice. Seeker of new hot spots.


Business Intelligence Rockstar

Her thing is Restaurant Administration. A genius with numbers. Kitchen lover, but hey… don’t expect her to share recipes.


Branding Top Dog

Crazy about menu design. Outdoorsy. Adores fonts. Dreams of running off with the circus.

Ana Paula

Food & Drink Intelligence Top Dog

Manager of international gastronomic experiences. She plans her weekends based on the restaurant she’s going to visit. Reckless driver!

Architecture & Interior Design

Anterior Siguiente

Ale M

Head of Architecture and Interior Design

Specializes in lighting design. Terrified of elevators. Keen eye for quality control. Mom/soccer coach.

Articles by Ale M


Space Design Mastermind

Methodology control freak. Frustrated high performance athlete. Expert in Project Management. Forrest Gump-level runner.


Architecture Top dog

Savvy architectural designer. Creative. Superstitious about passing the salt shaker. Shrewd with details. Meditates to achieve happiness.


Architecture Top dog

Brilliant at bullet-proofing layouts. Problem solver. Class clown. Facade designer extraordinaire. Team cheerleader.

Articles by Juanpi

Cyn A

Architecture Top Dog

Perfectionist when it comes to architectural representation. Beach lover who draws in a flash on Autocad. Sleeps in a hammock. Tourist guide as a hobby.

Ana Lau

Architecture Top Dog

Experienced with finishes. Meets deadlines. Belongs to the 1% that hate chocolate. Great with sketchup modelling. Bellydancer.


Production Design Top Dog

Designs exquisite furnishings. Perfectionist. Skilled commercial interior designer and expert in materials. Hockey player. Explores nature with his dog.

Articles by Arturo


Interior Design Top Dog

Worships Photoshop. Plans projects by hand. Sweet tooth. Passionate about furnishings. Coffee addict.


Branding Mastermind

Expertly crafts brand identities. Professional shower singer. Coolhunter through and through. Frequent flyer.

Articles by Daf


Branding Rockstar

Minimalist. Gets OCD about alignment. Artsy. Likes airports and astrology.


Interior Design Rockstar

Architect with a planner soul. Arquitecta con alma de planner. Multitasker par excellence. Doesn’t drink coffee or sleep with a pillow. Need something with interior design? She’s who to call.


Architecture Rockstar

Architect with the heart of a chef. English punctuality. Master in layout detail. Proud animal lover and unibrow owner.


3D Architectural Rockstar

Industrial designer who loves to draw. The quickest when it comes to rendering and modeling. He never gets hungover. Exercise buff.


Revit Rockstar

Architect whose alter ego is an interior designer. Builds Legos like no one else. Enjoys assembling furniture. Music and film lover.


Architecture Rockstar

Expert at modeling on Revit 2D-3D. If he laughs too much, he might cry. Loves problem solving. Architect who seeks to generate sensations through ambience.


Concept Development Rockstar

Bold guy in communication and nutrition. Speaker and broadcaster par excellence. Creator of nourishment programs for vulnerable people. Has escalated the Iztaccihuatl to the top more than 130 times.


Interior Design QA Top Dog

Architect as a profession, big sister as a vocation. She has a PhD in KonMari method implementation. Official namer of smells.

Innovation Lab

Anterior Siguiente


Head of Marketing and Innovation

Expert brand creator. Jazz devotee. The queen of Naming and metaphorizing. Makes the best playlists.

Articles by Regina


Digital Marketing Top Dog

Strategic designer. Can hold her breath for 60 seconds. Skilled at branding. Eco-freak. Ballerina.


Brand & Content Management Mastermind

Marketing strategist. Tree hugger. Brand developer. Impossibly fast metabolism. Freak about deadlines.


Art & Multimedia Rockstar

Graphic designer. Addicted to Netflix. Expert in photography and branding. Dreads fish, but loves all other animals.


Research & Trend Forecasting Rockstar

Masterful weaver of stories that enamour. A veritable Sherlock Holmes of artistic references. Superpower: speaking and writing backwards. Has never had a muscle cramp.

Articles by Dave


Strategic Global Partnerships Mastermind

Organizer of all that is organizable. Admirer of the Fine Arts. Problem solving whiz. PhD in pizza eating while binging on Grey’s Anatomy.


Sponsors & PR Rockstar

He loves everything related to the sea. Expert in hotel and restaurant administration. Addicted to caffeine.


Research & Development Rockstar

Master expert in nutrition and diets. Needs in the background movies in foreign languages in order to concentrate. Specialist in public speaking. Faithful nature lover.

Money & Operations

Anterior Siguiente


Head of Money

Whiz with finances. Bibliophile. Fan of ratios and statistics. Cries during movies. Passionate about economics.


Money Top Dog

Problem solver. OCD organizer. Horror-filck buff. Extreme adventurer. Keeps everyone at the office on their toes.


Accounting Top Dog

Excel extraordinaire. Hates the supernatural. The queen of making numbers work. Cinephile.


IT Rockstar

Technical support, telecoms and infrastructure expert. Streaming and videoconference fan. Has a curious, high pitched laughter that spreads when riding a rollercoaster.

Nuestra actitud

Our attitude:

Proud of being Mexican
and citizens of the world
best in class.

We love sharing our culture: we have fun working and our passion is to create extraordinary experiences inside and outside Mero Mole.

Our hiring philosophy:
Do you hate status-quo? Are you obsessed with the idea of
a better world? Perfect, your table is ready.

Do you have a talent that can add something to our team?
Send us a video explaining what you do and why do you want to join our team to:

[email protected]

Somos pocos y le tiramos a lo grande.

We are low in numbers, but aim high.

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