Innovation Lab Our research and
content department

Innovation Lab Our research and
content department

What do we do?

We perform research, forecast the future of F&B and create our own content in order to boost the industry.

Innovation Lab products:

We created our bible out of trends related to F&B.

We predict the local and global future of the industry through socio-cultural, political and economic analysis.

Talks: food & beverage

We develop tools, talks and workshops
to become a platform for continuous
improvement in the Foodservice industry.

The Holy Book of Trends 2020-2025

what is the future of gastronomy in Mexico, LATAM and the world? Book presentation

Gastronomic destinations in hotels as traffic generators

Gastronomic destinations as anchors in commercial centers:

analysis of the Food Hall phenomenon

Dark Kitchen:

impact, transformation of the industry and creative concepts

Smart restaurants and trained staff to standardize experience

Mexican restaurants in the world:

How to successfully create a contemporary Mexican concept outside of Mexico?

How to create star dishes to be your brand badges

Architectural trends for consumption centers:

materials, colorimetry, ornament and furniture

Analysis of delicious business models, smart and optimized

Strategic creativity for restaurateurs:

How to create a brand that connects with its users?

Sustainable restaurants in the whole experience:

better practices, from gastronomic offer to use of materials

52 star dishes and drinks that have changed the history of F&B in the last 20 years

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